Monday, February 08, 2010

Prague Summer Program

The MFA at Western Michigan University is associated with the Prague Summer Program (PSP), and by associated I mean the thing is run out of an office in the English department by one of the writing faculty. MFA candidates are often TAs in the program but the enrollment is open to anyone who wishes to apply.

It's a month long intensive writing workshop in -- yes -- Prague. The faculty rotates each year but each year the big names and heavy hitters show up to teach writing to neophytes as well as the more advanced students of writing and English Studies generally. There are also classes in literature, the Czech language, and photography.

The writers I've talked to rarely do workshop and photography, because both are time consuming -- or perhaps just because their interests lie elsewhere. But I think that if I went that would be what I would want to do. I've never applied to go (money's been tight) but perhaps I will in 2011.

Everyone who comes back raves about the experience. One of my friends in the program is going back for a second summer even though she'll technically be done with her degree by the time she arrives in the Czech Republic.

Highly Recommended