Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Material on the Website

Not too long ago Jud asked in the comments of a post if I was going to be putting up on my website any more audio files of readings. I had one recorded, but I was having trouble with my FTP system. This weekend I downloaded a new FTP client (it's the Cute FTP free trial -- anyone know of a free/shareware FTP client that's not buggy and lasts longer than a month?) and updated the site.

New: an audio file (.mp3) of yours truly reading "Just a Fantasy" an eight part short story about Dawn, a young woman who moves to Chicago with her boyfriend after college and then proceeds to encounter life, fantasy, regret, first graders and rock bands.

The recording quality is less than stellar but my equipment is also less than stellar. I read this piece on campus last fall but the recording was not done on site.

Highly Recommended