Monday, February 22, 2010

Awesome Norwegian Pants

I'm a teensy bit addicted to the Olympics this month. It's served really well for getting literary history read: I mute the TV when they go to a medal count or a commercial, or when bobsledding is on (face it, the only part of bobsledding that seems to matter is the score at the end). I've even watched enough curling to know what the hell is going on.

The first day I watched curling I cursed the American-centric news cast. It's less obvious in other sports like figure skating because NBC shows all the Americans and the top foreign competitors. But curling it's only the Americans with airtime. This is annoying because when that crowd cheers, they're cheering for team Canada (and peaking my interest). And it's also annoying because sliding around in the background were men in these fabulous pants and no one would tell me who they were!

I knew that they had to be European because no other male could wander around in front of a huge crowd and a bevy of cameras looking so poised in brilliant Harlequin style duds -- but my attempts at searching them out were fruitless.

Finally, Sunday night, NBC showed the 10th end of the game between Norway and Sweden. It came down to the last stone of the game and Sweden upset the Norwegians by collecting the first steal that Norway allowed the entire Olympics.

But the first half of the tenth end was spent talking about the Norwegian Pants! And I don't blame them: these pants are awesome.

The pants have their own Facebook page (two of them actually) and I am a fan of both. And, should you want your own pair of awesomely Norwegian curling trousers you can buy them here. Supposedly, the pants were the choice of the team not any Olympic committee/costumer type.

I may have my organizations wrong but I believe that the North American curling association says that all competitors must wear boring, dull, black pants. But the Olympics has no specific rules on attire color. That, unfortunately, might change thanks to the Norwegians. That would be so sad. I think if you've got the guts to rock the pants, then you should rock the pants

Highly Recommended