Thursday, February 18, 2010

Must See TV

Why must all my favorite shows air on Thursday night? I admit TV addiction to very few shows. Project Runway, Grey's Anatomy and ABDC. They all air on Thursday nights! I can actually make it work courtesy of time slots and the fact that Project Runway gets run twice on Thursdays. But, now, we add on the winter Olympics.

I watched the regionals for America's Best Dance Crew and I'm really excited for the robot crew, and the jump rope crew. Then again I really want to see the American beat the Russian in men's figure skating. The Russian, Plushenko, has a persona that you can tell he loves. He's painted himself as the evil mastermind, and even when both he and the American, Lysacek, wear all black to skate their short program there was something so sinister about Plushenko and something so joyous about Lysacek that you just can't help but root for this kid.

I should be happy that this is the biggest drama in my life right now. I've worked hard to get rid of the rest of the drama and the silly-crazy-drama-making people, and I do not miss them.

Highly Recommended