Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another Summer Writing Workshop I've been made aware of ...


Phillis Wheatley

Poetry and Fiction Writing

Director & Editor of Callaloo

Charles Henry Rowell

Workshop Faculty

Vievee Francis, poetry Gregory Pardlo, poetry

Thomas Glave, fiction Nelly Rosario, fiction

May 16-28, 2010

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

THE CALLALOO CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPS, a two-week long project of the literary journal Callaloo, are designed to assist new and developing writers by providing intensive and individual instruction in the craft of poetry and fiction writing. Participants and faculty will work together for the duration of two weeks, as well as meet in groups each day and in individual conferences as needed.

The two poetry workshops each will admit eight to ten applicants, and each of the two fiction workshops will admit no more than six participants. During the first week, the faculty will give readings that are open to the general public. To celebrate the collective achievement in the workshops, the participants will select from among themselves two fiction writers and four poets to read for a small audience comprised of workshop participants and invited guests.

The workshops, along with required books, supplies, and lodging, are free to all participants, but all participants are responsible for their individual expenses for travel and board. Participants traveling from outside North America should plan to arrive one or two days before Sunday, May 16, when the workshops begin, and to depart not later than Sunday, May 30, 2010.

web: http://callaloo.tamu.edu

Highly Recommended