Friday, January 22, 2010

How'd it get to be the end of the week?

It's Friday ... when did that happen?

It's the second week of semester and I'm kind of behind. Um ... I work better under pressure ... maybe that's why I'm doing this to myself? Maybe?

Anyway. Briefly, from this week:

Resolved things with my landlord. They now owe me $70. Go figure.

Sam mentioned the "no simultaneous submissions" thing in the comments of yesterday's post. Essentially, that phrase is one of those things that has no meaning because everyone likes to interpret it differently (and use it to mean different things thus leading to even more interpretations), not unlike "interesting" and "it's not you, it's me." More on that next week.

I read Emily Hamilton this week and loved it! It's an 1803 epistolary novel by Sukey Vickery that has been recently "rediscovered" and brought back into print. I think I'll write a whole post where I can, at length, gush about this novel. (And I'm not a big fan of "early American" writing but this was so much better than Hawthorne, etc. and much more like Austen.)

I knew I wasn't going to hit my word count goal for my January on my latest novel project so I thought if I could just write 10,000 words a week I'd be in good shape. So far this week: about 2,100 words. Eep! Need to do more work on that!

And I desperately need to get my oil changed. How many miles can I go over the number on the sticky reminder on my windshield before I start damaging the car? I'm extremely good at forgetting about getting the oil changed until I'm at home and/or it's 11pm and no one's open.

And love and funny.

Highly Recommended