Monday, January 18, 2010

Ticker Tape from the Idiot Parade

My apartment management -- geniuses that they are -- have sent me a letter to tell me that they've discovered the cats living in my apartment. These would be the same cats that I notified them of fifteen months ago.

The best possible explanation of all this (the explanation other than they're slow on the uptake) is that they have finally hired someone to deal with their abysmal record keeping. That person sees that I am short a few hundred dollars and blames it on the pet damage deposit being unpaid, when really it's that the abysmal record keeping managed to hide the fact that they gave me a "signing bonus" of the same amount. But dammit I have documentation of this!

I've been in their office twice last week -- the first time because they sent me paperwork that said they were taking me to court because they hadn't yet cashed my (on time) rent check -- and now I get to talk to them again.

Aesthetically my apartment is very nice. It's location is good. And, yeah, the water smells like cholorine bleach and coats the inside of my dishwasher with rust, but really it's the management that's driving me up a wall. The same management that forgot to tell me that I needed an updated parking pass or I'd get towed from in front of my own door. Yeah. Them.

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