Monday, November 30, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 29: Success

[51,000+ / 50,000]

The novel ... I mean memoir-ish ... trek is over. The slogging through is done. I sort of "found" 10k of writing I'd misplaced and, instead of slaving over that last 10,000 words, just plugged it in to my word count. It almost feels like cheating, yet it's precisely what I'm supposed to be doing.

Not entirely certain what I'll be doing next. Wrapping up obligations as both student and teacher, I presume. Yet I find myself more interested in what my next large scale writing project will be. I have several contenders. As always, there are projects that have been placed on hold and the new ones that have come wrapping and tapping while NaNo-ing and now beg, with fresh, dewy faces, to be taken care of now. We shall see.

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