Wednesday, September 16, 2009

YAY! -- Fuck.

That seems to be the way my life is operating lately. It's like the universe is really trying to get me back in sync so every time I get really excited about something I have to become really upset so that my ying and yang balances with the square root of my chi or some such shit.


I got a personalized rejection letter!

I called both my mother and my father to tell them and they were both ... why are you happy about being rejected? Not the rejection; the personalized note! It means I'm close; it's encouragement. If nothing else it's them letting me know how close I came to getting published even if I didn't make the final cut. And if you know the publishing-in-lit-journals game you know that they send form responses to almost every submission just to help them deal with the volume. So I was pretty damn ecstatic when I got the mail.


My car got towed in the middle of the night from right in front of my apartment because the management is more concerned with spending money on BURRITO BARS and POOLSIDE DJs than on getting information straight and clear to their RETURNING LEASERS that the OLD parking permit is no longer valid; nor did they give us a warning shot across the bow. Bastards.

I discovered this when I went out to drive to the university to teach class. Thankfully, I live close enough that walking was feasible, however I was late, late, late, didn't have all the stuff to teach, didn't have all the stuff for my grad class because I couldn't run back and forth between classes, and then had to miserably beg rides off of very kind people to very eerie parts of town after dark. Joy.

I think I went through all the stages of grief. Disbelief as I kept looking for my car, anger and barely restrained four letter words at the office, crying between classes (and let me tell you, I'm not a cute crier), resignation as I counted out the bills to the clerk at the uber-creepy impound lot ... what other stages are there? Remorse? Is that the one I feel when I see my checking account in a few days time? Bargaining? Trust me I will be writing a pissy letter to management. Will they do anything? I have no idea, but I want the letter sent.

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