Thursday, September 10, 2009


Glad I posted that I'd be MIA for a bit because, baby, am I MIA.

I find myself in the position of having two classes where I have to propose my final project up front. One major project for each class.

Some people might enjoy this; I do not.

Mostly, I dislike making proposals for creative work I've not yet spent time thinking on. I'm not good at bullshitting on my feet (probably another good reason to quit law school when I did), and I get even more anxious and embarrassed about it when it's creative work. Why? Why? Why? I have no problem saying 'here, read this story,' but the moment I have to talk about that story in summary I can't think of a single thing to say that doesn't sound either pretentious or calculatingly cold and boring. Really good thing I didn't become a lawyer ... although everyone expects lawyers to be pretentious, calculating and boring so ... No, best not to finish that thought.

What I prefer to do when starting a project is to think, write, think, write, edit, think some more, frantically change things at the last minute, then show it to people.

I also running up against the issue that I expected to work on several smaller, non sequential pieces throughout the semester and I'm having trouble adjusting from expectations to reality.

Aside: Why is it that when expectations go awry they "disappoint you" but when assumptions go awry they "make an ass out of you"? Neither is founded on anything other than the individual's experience and perspective. Is it because expectations are thoughts, and assumptions are thoughts that are acted on?

Even more of an aside: my cat smells like perfume. She's a very clean animal and normally doesn't smell like much of anything. Why and how she's attained this new floral scent ... well, we're going to have to add those to the ever growing list of questions I can't answer at the moment.

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