Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Readings

This week my interesting internet finds lean more toward the blogging side than the short story side, but don't let that stop you from checking out the first item on the list "Dear Doris."

A story in answers: Dear Doris by Adam Davies from The form made me start reading but the story has stuck with me for the past week. I find myself thinking about it as I fall asleep where my half-conscious mind tries to fill in the gaps between the answers because it believes, really believes that this piece of fiction was an interview with a real person.

Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency has a really nice tutorial on point of view from the writer's perspective not the agent's. Point of view is one of those things that's simple but not simple at all. This blog post does a good job of starting that discussion and, even though it's a long post, it goes no where near finishing that discussion.

Forgotten Bookmarks is a blog put together by a rare book seller who finds all sorts of things stuffed inside the books he buys (and I think other people send him pictures too). It's a really interesting FOUND art type project.

Pimp My Novel delivers the 10 Commandments of Blogging (for authors) and linked to this news tidbit: CBS has greenlighted a pilot of "Open Books" a comedy that revolves around a book editor and her industry friends. There's the fear that books might make boring TV, but the project is being driven by Gail Lerner who worked on "Will & Grace" and "Ugly Betty" so it should be funny, right? Or maybe it'll show how the book industry is just another face of MODE.

Highly Recommended