Monday, August 24, 2009

Projects, Unfinished

I need to learn to do one day projects. Because when your Sunday project turns into your Monday project you inevitably want nothing to do with it when you wake up on Monday.

Yesterday I emptied my entire closet -- the one space in my apartment that had not been thoughtfully organized at some point during my one year residency here -- with dellusions that by that evening I would have cleaned surfaces, sorted clothing, discarded the unused items and reorganized everything back into new homes. New homes in the closet.

But to construct first we must destruct. And boom! went my closet; all the products of the excavation process are strewn about my bedroom covering my entire bed and some of the floor.

Round one was successful at sorting, folding, hanging and generally getting stuff off the bed and back into the closet. Then round two started and I covered the bed yet again with another layer of stuff. Round one went to me, round two went to the mess.

So what do you do when your bed is covered with stuff and it's time to sleep? Stay up late into the night to finish the project? Hell no! Just forgo the bed and camp on the futon, of course.

Highly Recommended