Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Over the Place

As I write this I am answering an email, considering another email which I should have already answered. I'm hanging a coat rack, putting together a resume and trying to keep my cat from pulling stuff off the cork board by my desk. Ug. Scatterbrained.

What I would like to share is this article, "Research, Track and Conquer: How to Research Short Fiction Markets, Track Submissions, and Ultimately Get Published" written by Joseph Thomas editor of Ramble Underground.

In the article he suggestions using as a tool for journal discovery. What interests me about what New Pages has to offer are the Literary Magazine Reviews. I thought I would like their blog but it turns out it is mostly a page redirecting you to other (possibly) relevant content on the web.

Their organization is lacking in their "listings" (journal and schools are often listed by who has paid to advertise and then everyone else) and they do not have the search/sort features you can find on nor do they have Duotrope's awesome submission tracker which I highly recommend. For searching for MFA programs I recommend using the AWP's database.

Highly Recommended