Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Non Sequitur

There's nothing quite as strange and funny as watching grown men discover a bee hive.

"I'm okay with like one bee," the guy shouts, "but that's a whole bunch of 'em!"

As I sit at my computer I can see people walking around on the other side of the street. I see them squawk and suddenly sprint in a highly unrespectable manner but what I can't see from this distance is the itty-bitty bugs making them do all these weird theatrics.

So far I've watched the guy with the weed whacker swear and sprint and then two younger men who are working as part of the clean/repair crew turning over apartments to get the ready for their new tenants.

The hive appears to be inside of a freestanding utility box.

Average distance of sprint to escape a bee: 20 yards.

Highly Recommended