Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is this a joke?

I was trolling online magazines looking for places to do my next round of submissions -- lately I've been finding a lot of nicely formatted magazines calling for submissions to their inaugural issue, is this the fruit of the Obama-hope-phenomena? -- when I found this magazine: Artifice.

Okay, great, another well formatted start up. But then I saw their wishlist. Is this really what they want? Is it a joke? A poetic expression mocking the notion of magazines even attempting to explain what they want?

I'm not certain.

Part of me wants to write a piece called "A Basic Guide to Science" or
stories or poems that involve folding or cutting the paper on which they are printed
, because those sound like really intriguing challenges. And I probably will write such things ... and probably won't submit them. I really don't want to the the one idiot that didn't get the joke.

Highly Recommended