Monday, July 13, 2009

Shop Girl

The second half of last week found me neglecting the blog. Instead I was sorting and selling in my aunt's adorable little gift shop.

She was off on a buying trip out of state -- apparently they have convention type things where artists and manufacturers come and pitch their products to small business owners and the like -- so my mother and I ran the store for a couple of days.

The first day we spent building displays and ringing up customers. Building the display was rather fun, it's like playing with building blocks except this time there's lace and tea sets. The next days we sorted and organized the office and storeroom. Both are small rooms but were packed with stuff in no particular order. Most of what we did was straightening, organizing and labeling. I hope that my aunt can find things after we've moved them all around ... although truth be told she couldn't really find things before! I also hope she's more pleased than angry; you never can tell how people will react to these things. Although it has to be easier to clean it up with us today than with Oprah on national television.

I'm about halfway done reworking my syllabus for the fall semester. Anyone know any good films or documentaries dealing with the space race or with the space program as it stands today? What about the Copenhagen Conference? I'm toying with the topic of the second writing project. We're either going to be researching aspects of the space race/moonwalk etc. or environmentalism. But I still need resources for which ever one I choose.

Highly Recommended