Monday, June 29, 2009

Readings from the Workshop

If you check out this blog post from the Kenyon Review website you'll find the live recording of readings by the amazing and wonderful instructors of the Writer's Workshop.

The entire recording is roughly an hour long with three short stories, two wonderful poets and a lovely non-fiction reading as well.

Sadly, my live reading was not recorded this year. There were technical difficulties on my night (someone stepped on the cord between computer and mic) and the data was lost.

I'll do a not-live recording of it with my awesome Audacity shareware(thanks El Johno for the tip) and post it on my website with the others.

Unless NPR decides to record it first. From mid-June to mid-July NPR is running a Three-Minute Fiction contest -- guess what Kenyon's time limit was for student readings? -- judged by an editor from The New Yorker.

Highly Recommended