Friday, May 15, 2009

Uber-cool Paper Products (and discount)

As blogged before, I am a big, big big fan of and all the fabulous Moo printing services. Last summer, after a recommendation from a poet I met at the Kenyon workshop, I got these kickass business cards to go with my website.

Moo promotes themselves as being great for small, funky businesses (because they let you personalize -- as in 100 business cards with up to 100 different designs!) but they're also cool if you're doing an event like a baby shower or wedding. What could be easier than making business cards (that don't look like business cards) with the happy couple's actual picture on it along with the address?

Why am I bothering to do all this "selling"? Because I (1) I think it's frickin sweet and want to see more stuff this pretty out in the world and (2) have a freebie code for you:
Simply share your unique 'referral' code: 9J6SH3 with a friend who's never bought from MOO before, and they'll get a 20% discount off any 1 MOO product. Good through May 29.

Have fun with it. I know I would, but then again, I'm addicted to paper products. :)

Highly Recommended