Friday, May 08, 2009

Stolen Memery

(from Jud)

1. What are your current obsessions?
Good question. a writer should never be without an obsession. For a while it was "family story" -- you know, those stories that your family repeats again and again at the kitchen table when they get together. Lately I think it's been academic citation and how I can help/teach it in student work. It's a dull obsession.

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? flip flops -- 2 for $5 at Old Navy ... mine are gray, and navy.

3. Last dream you had? Well I know I dreamed the night before last but I guess this is my most recent remembered dream.

4. Last thing you bought? Groceries. Hello diet Dr. Pepper sale!

5. What are you listening to? Katy Perry, "I Kissed a Girl"

6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be? Athena -- love that shit

7. Favorite holiday spots? um ... Disney World really is fucking-magical. Other than that every "holiday" I've ever been on has involved too much stress to be "special" that it disappointed, or felt like more work than staying home. On that note, spending a week in June at Kenyon College is pretty damn magical even if it doesn't involve dancing mice.

8. Reading right now? Dinty Moore's cultural memoir Between Panic & Desire, about to start Dennis Johnson's Jesus' Son collection of short stories.

9. Four words to describe yourself. Dreamer. Creative. Reclusive. Uppity.

10. Guilty pleasure? Slutty romance novels and "Rock of Love" (and other bad reality TV like "The Bachlorette") although in searching out that link I just discovered that I had missed yet another season of "Rock of Love" so maybe I'm not as addicted to bad pop culture as I thought.

11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? Things that truly startle me. The things that really make me laugh aloud are those which take me by surprise.

12. Favorite spring thing to do? Reading novels. Wait ... maybe sitting with a purring kitten.

13. When you die, what would you like people to say about you at your funeral? I want them to tell funny stories about our times together.

14. Last thing you drank? White wine to go with my cheap dinner.

15. When did you last go for a night out? Well I've been out to bars and house parties in the past few months, but I think the last time I seriously took on the night life scene was last Memorial Day weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. Yes ma'am, Rochelle that was all your doing. You will be missed at this Year's MDW.

16. What album did you get a copy of most recently? Album? As in the physical item? I haven't bought one of those in a long time. I was checking out 90s alternative music from the library last summer and ripping it to my hard drive. Dishwalla, Stone Temple Pilots and Oasis ("don't look back in anger" is fucking sweet even now). The last full album I downloaded was Collective Soul's Afterwards. That said, I picked up some sweet (then) free music from AG Silver -- worth checking out if you're into the new scene of alternative music, especially "Now or Never." Can you tell I have a certain passion for music? Maybe I should be looking into radio station internships.

17. Care to share some wisdom? Don't eat yellow snow.

I feel like if I saw a memoir with the above as a title I would buy it without reading the back cover.

18. Song you can’t get out of your head? "Ocean" by Blue October.

19. Thing you are looking forward to? MDW with my sorority sisters, Kenyon Workshop, finishing a novel.

20. Which disease or condition would you most like to see eradicated? Cancer. That covers a lot of bases.

21. What is your most irrational fear? being shot

22. Who are your favorite comedians? Stephen Colbert, John Stewart.

23. Name a "social grace" pet peeve of yours: When someone says "How ya doing?" and they really mean "Hello" -- I stop to answer the question and they've already moved on. Grrr.

Rules of the game. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag 6 people.

Consider yourself tagged: Aquarius, Margosita, Jolie, JES, Kat, Tonya.

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