Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Outta This World

HOLY SHIT! (it was a toss up whether this or the pun would be used as the post title; obviously, the pun won)

If you follow news you know that there was a shuttle launch this week and they're on their way to the Hubble telescope to do seven years of maintenance in one trip (yeah, sure).

What you might not know is that you can follow the astronauts on twitter.

From space.

No shit: He tweets from outer space.

Screw feeling superior because you have BlackBerry access to your email. I'm not worthy!

(follow: Astro_Mike)

I think this settles it: I'm gonna do a space race/first man on the moon project in my writing class next fall. It'll go with my pop culture/Americana theme. I think I have to. Consider this: my grandmother died believing man had never set foot on the moon, that it was all an elaborate Hollywood-style government made publicity stunt. From that ... to an astronaut that twitters ... yeah, that's worth talking about.

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