Friday, April 10, 2009

Journal Submissions

Fogged Clarity, a Michigan based online journal is seeking submissions. Particularly they feel that their submissions do not adequately represent their home state of Michigan.

elimae journal (also online) has the world's fastest turn around time between submission and rejection. My highly unscientific findings place this one man show in a league of his own. Time submission was out: under 10 hours.

And this intrigues me greatly. Blackbird is looking for video essays. Blackbird is an online lit mag to begin with, and they see nonfiction naturally moving over into the video medium. Their guidelines are ambiguous in part because the genre is ambiguous. Written non-fiction covers memoir, personal essay, lyrical essay, critical essay and others. And a video essay? It appears that they want more than just a Vlog entry. They mention image and narrative overlay. But what else? What else? I can't figure out if the possibilities intrigue me or frustrate me. I will consider.

But I will consider after semester ends. But still, I've been itching for an excuse to use the nice video editing software I had to buy last fall.

Highly Recommended