Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old Writing Revisited (I mean revised)

For those of you who are interested, I've posted the opening chapter of the TreeSinger on my website. You'll have to use the direct link, as it's not yet connected to anything else -- that fact has more to do with my website editing software than my intentions. The novel is a contemporary setting fantasy novel that I believe will lend itself best to the range of young adult as it is something I'm writing almost in homage to the novels I devoured when I was 11-18 years old.

The other thing that is new on my website is the parsed down audio file from my reading at the Kenyon Review Workshop. The file the Kenyon Review people gave me had the entire night in one block. But with some confidence and the software I already had on my computer (Thank you El Johno for pointing me toward Audacity) I easily parsed it down to just me reading for about three minutes.

I've been given the option of doing a reading this semester and I feel like I should take it. But what to read

(JES thanks for the special script to make the ?! one character. )

Highly Recommended