Monday, January 12, 2009

Core Workout

I bought a DVD that claims to yadda yadda core workout yadda yadda sigh. Instead, I just cleaned 14" of snow off my car. Say hello to the Michigan Core Workout.

Forecasters say 4-8" in the next 24 hours. It's the Mini Michigan Core Workout.

Also, in general, so frustrated with college freshmen. Yes, I'm saying it: I wish my students were more anal retentive. At least that way you'd think they'd be more invested even if it was only for their own narcicisstic preservation of the ideal self.

I'm annoyed to be viewed as a figurehead, as an educational paragon. I'm not some sort of do-gooder out to make you see the error of your ways and turn everyone into well spoken, education loving people. It's just that I have something to say -- I'm being paid to say it -- and the less resistance I get the easier my life is. Period.

I'm grumpy. Maybe I need to do more snow-cardio.

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