Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm in the Brochure!

The Kenyon Review has updated their Writer's Workshop website to include 2009 details -- and I'm in the brochure!

There I am, out of focus, but fully engaged in workshopping -- see how that pen is poised?

In other news, Chicago's Transit Authority is exercising its merchandising muscle. Personalize coffee mugs or t-shirts with the signage from your favorite L stop, get a retro messenger bag (which actually look pretty cool), or -- my favorite -- decorate your bathroom with a full color shower curtain.
Honest to god, it's the largest map of the L system I have ever seen printed.

So how long before the Kenyon Review starts merchandising and I see that great picture of me in workshop blown up to the size of a shower curtain?

Highly Recommended