Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I can see you as ... a writing professor

(conversation with a friend)
Friend: I totally see you as a writing professor. With your crowded office and collection of coffee mugs and specialty coffee in the pot 24/7

Me: I'm starting to think of myself that way too. With stacks of paper piled high and clippings and post-its tacked to the wall over my desk.

Friend: And your frizzy-haired writing students who can't put five words together and you to mold them into something profound.

Me: An awkward wooden chair for the students.

Friend: Yes, one that rocks back and forth because the legs aren't even.


In other news, I just watched idiot-neighbor-boy take off his eyebrows lighting a grill with more lighter fluid than charcoal in it. The grill, btw, is cozied up next to his house (about 2' away) and he keeps leaving it to go back inside then he comes back out to add MORE lighter fluid each time.

Highly Recommended