Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tomorrow there will be a post on writing, promise. But for now I'm packing up my life in earnest as well as running errands and making dinner. I'm just trying to stay this side of cranky. Which I might be pushed over depending on when they call me to come pick up my car. It's in for a rattle and routine service. Expensive routine service. *grumbles* I'm sad to say I'm getting apprasials that start off with phrases like given the age of the car.

So I'm going through stuff before I pack it -- really trying to sort out things and if not organize at least throw away the stuff that there's no use keeping -- but I'm stuck. I've come across all these ridiculous things I've saved for years and years. Part of me wants to keep these things simply because they have a history, but the rational part of me says that there is no point in keeping something I only look at when I have to move it.

So that's the big question facing me: what is the line between crap and memorabilia?


Tanya said...

Ooooo toughy... I feel your pain! I got rid of so much stuff in the course of moving and it was difficult. My rule... if it has true sentimental value, keep it, but if it's hiding in a closet and has been there for years, maybe it's time to toss it out.

It's a hard decision. Sometimes you make a good decision and sometimes not. I have yet to cry "why did I throw that away!?!"

Good luck!

Aquarius said...

About 5 years ago, I moved from a house into a room, not an apt., a room, and so I sold or gave away almost everything that I had. The furniture I was happy to be rid of, and the only things I kept in storage were cherished books, music, art, photographs, and don't ask me why but kitchen stuff like pots and pans, and flatware. It was amazingly liberating.

Of course, after I moved into my current place and had to start replacing everything, it was very expensive, but I never regretted the purge.

Margosita said...

When I was doing my packing I had the same trouble. I found it helpful to try to imagine whatever item I was having trouble with in a new apartment. Was it something I would hang on a wall, display somehow? Was it something I would use? If the answer was no, I tossed it. I was also packing up a few boxes to keep at my mom's house long-term and so some things that would otherwise not have the cut (especially old letters) stayed. But if all I would be doing is dragging something across the country to stay in the bottom of another closet, it wasn't worth it.

Good luck! It's no easy task.

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