Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tomorrow there will be a post on writing, promise. But for now I'm packing up my life in earnest as well as running errands and making dinner. I'm just trying to stay this side of cranky. Which I might be pushed over depending on when they call me to come pick up my car. It's in for a rattle and routine service. Expensive routine service. *grumbles* I'm sad to say I'm getting apprasials that start off with phrases like given the age of the car.

So I'm going through stuff before I pack it -- really trying to sort out things and if not organize at least throw away the stuff that there's no use keeping -- but I'm stuck. I've come across all these ridiculous things I've saved for years and years. Part of me wants to keep these things simply because they have a history, but the rational part of me says that there is no point in keeping something I only look at when I have to move it.

So that's the big question facing me: what is the line between crap and memorabilia?

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