Monday, July 07, 2008

Power Outages Are Fun!

We had another 2+ power outage, much like the one in February, except this time I had already showered and had my coffee -- and it wasn't 35 degrees outside.

It wasn't storm related although we've been having those too. Power had flickered during the day. Just long enough to make all the clocks start blinking about four times and then once for a couple of minutes. So I figure the power company had to be working on something ... I hope.

When the power cut out later that afternoon and two fire trucks toodled down my street, I knew it wasn't going to come back on anytime soon. Not just any firetrucks, but ladder trucks the both of them.

Then I watched one, two, three ... four bucket trucks from the power company, a tree trimming truck and a bucket truck named Atlec (also owned by the power company) all roll by my window one right after another like ducklings on diesel.

Normally when this happens I just move the "home office" to the "coffee shop office" except this time there was a complication: I had just put potato wedges in the oven for "baked home fries." I wasn't concerned about losing the potatoes as much as I was wondering if the oven would click back on when the power came back on ... and if I left I wouldn't be able to know when it came back on or if it was making little potato fire balls that would those fire trucks would be heading back to my house again.

So I stayed put.

Turns out that the electric oven does not turn itself back on and instead my first instinct was correct: digital displays/controls wipe when they don't have power.

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