Monday, February 04, 2008

Notes on Life

One truck of tree trimmers in winter can lead to a fire truck, 5 power company trucks (3 with buckets) and over four hours without power.

We are completely and totally dependent on electricity.

All my "survival supplies" are dependent on some form of heat being applied to them. Frozen foods, cans of soup, canned vegetables and boxes of rice all require heat being applied to them. And I do not have a gas stove. And no there was no bread and peanut butter.

Coffee needs electricity. Or 16 hours in a cold press.

Giving up on the power coming back on and deciding to take a shower by candle light (and flash light) sounds a lot sexier than the reality. Pretty much it just leaves your eyes feeling strained from operating in low light.

Rearranging candles so that you don't blow them out with the hair dryer is only important until you remember that the hair dryer takes electricity too.

Thank god my car runs on gas and isn't on the electrical grid somehow.

Thank god my car is not trapped inside a garage with no juice to get the door open. Yes there's a key and a manual release. Do I know where that key is? Do I really want to look for it then stand outside in winter with my still damp hair trying different keys? No. I do not. And so I am thankful.

Panera is on a different electrical grid than me. They have the power to properly heat my soup and run my laptop. They even have internet. More importantly, they have coffee. Lots and lots of warm coffee. In three flavors.

Highly Recommended