Saturday, February 02, 2008

Groundhog Day

I think I understand the appeal of Punxsutawney Phil's life choice. He's not one of these New Year's Resolutions kinda guys. No, he waits it out until the craze is over, until most resolutions are broken and the majority of Americans have already quit dieting. That's when he comes out and reassesses his situation. Me? I've come out of my JanNoWriMo writing cave, taken a look around, accessed my real life situation and decided that shadow or no, I want back in my cave.

I love the intensity with which I threw myself into my 50,000 word goal. But without that intensity what do I have to fill my spare hours? Not too much that I'm proud of. Do you know what kind of crap is on TV these days? Have you ever seen an episode of "Extreme Makeover"? Omigd! Scary! But you stay glued to it like a train wreck. I'm fed up with TV. The writer's strike needs to be over now! End the reality TV madness! Bring me back sitcoms and dramas!

It took me about 48 hours to realize I was happier and healthier writing all the time than I was during my mental "break" from writing. I also downed a scary amount of refined carbs during that first 24 hours that quickly left me feeling weak and tired.

Refined carbs + boredom + "Extreme Makeover" = Ug.

Now if only I could find someway to make guys wear top hats and bow ties as part of my announcement that I am once again retreating into my Cave o' Writing for at least the next six weeks.

By the way, Punxsutawney saw his shadow too. We're both digging in for the rest of Winter.

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