Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Smell Stanley

Word Count: 3936

Last night was life interfering with writing. How dare it! I only accomplished 1000 new words in the entire day (almost 700 off "daily quota").

First there was my aunt and uncle being in town. We all went out to a nice dinner and by the time we were done and they were driving out of town game five of the Stanley Cup Finals had begun. My dear Red Wings were scheduled to bring the cup home. Scratch that, they were at home. The cup was in the building. They just failed to score enough goals for all the confetti and four decades worth of pop music to play while they each took a lap around the ice holding the thing up in the air. We did this in 2001 and 2002, we know the drill. See photo for visual confirmation.

But the third period rolled around and the Wings were up 3-2, they're basically on the ice to kill the last minute of play when the Penguins pull their goalie and throw another man on the ice (what else can you do?) and score. Argh!!! This late goal wouldn't have mattered,however, if one of the Wing's own players hadn't tipped the puck into his own freakin net to score the second goal for the Penguins.

What followed were three overtime periods that I was way too tired to stay up for. I was asleep by 11:30 and the game rolled on until past 12:30. I'm turning into such an old lady. However I will admit that I skipped out on the second period to do some of that illusive writing, which was more like note taking because my mind was getting blurry.

Stanley's still in the air. And I can pencil in some time for confetti on Wednesday. Wednesday would be a good day to win the cup.I could do that.

Highly Recommended