Monday, June 02, 2008

Hello June

Words in Novel: 1714

In the United States, Memorial Day Weekend marks the opening of Summer. Like small woodland creatures, something stirs inside of us telling us, yes, this this is it; this is the time to clean the grill.

Everyone has been wandering around grill cleaning and grilling. Barbecuing and generally carrying on in a summer-ish manner. Except me. What did I have? Food poisoning and no grill.

As I have no grill to clean and use, I am instead writing a novel. Perhaps because of my lack of grill I feel the need to start two novels simultaneously. Scary and stupid, I know, but I'm an American without a grill: I feel the need to compensate.

I'm hoping to post all of my June entries with increases in the novel word count at the top of the entry, with a bare minimum of 50,000 words achieved on at least one of those novels by June 30. And if I slack off majorly then 50,000 combined between the two of them.

The little counter with the kiwi bird on it in the right hand bar tells my percentage of progress toward 50,000 new words of novel.

Yes, I did this before and, no, that novel is not fit for reading at this point. What it was, was a learning experience. Maybe it can yet be salvaged. Don't hold your breath. I'm much more passionate about these two projects and now that I know I can sustain this kind of pace and progress I feel pretty good about things.

It's really not that crazy at all. Ian Fleming obsessively did 2000 words every morning and turned out a new Bond novel every two months. And after his four hours of "doing the words" were done each day he continued to lead quiet the lifestyle.

Highly Recommended