Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Do You Blog?

Not long ago I came across this post at the BookEnds Literary Agency blog asking why do you blog?

The agent writing the blog went through all the reasons. The professional reasons, the reasons she states to friends, to coworkers, and finally, the reasons she admits only to herself. (And now has admitted to the world.)

So why do you blog? Do you blog for yourself? For work? For money? Prestige? Clout? A place to vent? Personal vanity? Are you screaming into the void? Are you out to change the world one post at a time? Or, for lack of a better word, are you just plain bored?

Ostensibly, blogging is a means of establishing an internet presence. Something publishers refer to in questions like "What kind of platform does the author have?" It's a form of networking that doesn't involve me wearing heels and making nice with people in suits I've never met before and probably won't remember. (Can you tell I'm not a fan of networking events?)

But the reality of the situation is that I'm on the vanity wagon like most everyone else. Yes, I believe what I'm blogging about has value to individuals I've never met before (individuals who may or may not be wearing suits). But after that point? I have no idea.

Who knows how well or how poorly a blog works as a "platform." And so I continue to do it for myself and to post what I enjoy the most.

Now for the question I get the most: Do you blog for money?


But you're runningads!

Yep. And if (if ever) those little boxes bring in a total of $100 (and not before) G00gle will cut me a check. So I'm not holding my breath that I'll see money for my blogging anytime soon. Although you could consider it the Keep SpeakCoffee Off the Street charity fund -- and I would call it that except G00gle doesn't want me to mention those little boxes on the sidebar at all. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! ... just let the masses gravitate there naturally.

Oh, and I occasionally blog just to get a chance to share really pretty pictures I've taken.

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