Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Updates (there's lots)

  • Rejection letter for short story received today. Guess I need to wish harder on the mail man, he keeps bringing me news I don't want to hear. Already tacked the form letter up on the board. I do like the type face of their logo though.

  • It's spring in full swing here. Time to bust out the camera and the Claritin.

These pink beauties are crab apple blossoms. There's tons of them in the area blooming in this shade of light pink, a darker mauve color and some so pale they're white with just a hint of pink. It's a very pretty time of year. It's also the time of year when these trees buzz with their bee friends.

  • Western Michigan does have a spot for me. I was reassured that I was wanted to come to their MFA program only they didn't offer me a seat because they could only afford a very few number of TA positions. Ug that Michigan economy.
  • I told UNH (officially) that I will not be attending. Going out east might have been interesting, but this move will be better for my life and stress level.

So, I'm going to grad school! I can ditch all my "considered options" and go back to the plan. Plan B, admittedly, but "The Plan" for current purposes.

The writing world has not turned me out on my ass as I had thought! Well, to be more precise I thought it had just kicked me out of the nest and said it's time to make it in the real world. Honestly? We're stilling nesting. (Can I mix metaphors any more?)

*Takes deep breath. Tries to become more zen-like about the world.*

I was really coming that place in my mind where I was realizing that I had to get "real work" asap and that I had to find it as a writing job in some way because I will go crazy doing just about anything else. I'm not a very good business or retail person. I believe too much in a quality product filling a genuine need to ever tack the word "Sales" after my name. So I was looking at copy editor positions. A copy editor is akin to a proof reader in many positions and sometimes they also do writing depending on the needs of the employer.

Who knows? In three years I might be right back here looking at copy editor jobs again but at that point I will have three more years of writing under my belt. And what I need now is time. Time because publishing is a slow process. It gains momentum (if everything works out) but it's a slow start.

Highly Recommended