Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trip to the Movies

1. What was the first movie you remember watching? Bambi. Why do all children's films prey upon children's one great fear: separation from the parent?

2. Do you cry at the movies? Dude, I cry at Kodak commercials. Remember the one where the little girl restores the picture of her grandmother pitching in the All-American Girl's League during WWII? And then goes and presents her grandmother with the photo asking "Grandma can you still throw like that?" ... I stand little chance against a sad movie with odds like these.

3. What is your favorite movie theater snack or drink? "Da pop corns a pope'in' 'n it's ... three-dee!" [Ten points if you can name that movie.]

4. Should popcorn be eaten buttered or unbuttered? The movie butter makes it soggy. Which equals sadness. But the stuff I make in the big kettle at home is best. Oil, whole white corn and kosher salt.

5. What's your favorite time to watch a movie? Right before bed. That way people don't try and talk about it and I can hang on to the feeling or discard it as I like. That's the whole reason I watch movies: to make me feel something outside myself, to share the emotion the director wanted to make me feel.

6. Have you ever made out in the movie theater? Yes. *shrugs* It's cool when you're a teenager. Not so cool once you get past that point *glares at 30-somethings down the row that have obviously not gotten that memo*

7. Do you ever go to the movies alone? I did once. I've been meaning to repeat but people keep telling me "oh yeah I'll see that with you" and then I wait for them and the film leaves the show.

8. Who's your favorite male actor? It used to be Harrison Ford but then he started aging not so gracefully. Johnny Depp is always amazing at everything he does and so is Ewan McGreggor. And Sean Connery has the world's coolest voice, he's one of the few people I can ID in 6 words or less.

9. Who's your favorite female actor? Julia Stiles.Kate Winslet is pretty cool.

10. Most overrated actor? Trevolta. (when he plays a man that is)

11. Name a film that made you cry? Recently? Finding Neverland ... then again I cry every time I see Ever After (when the father dies) or A League of Their Own which I cry three times; when the woman doesn't know if she's made the team or not because she can't read the names on the list; when the black woman throws in a great ball from way off and you realize that for all the "opportunity" that the league afforded women that there was still a long way to go; and finally, when the one woman gets the telegram in the locker room that her husband's not coming back from the war.

12. Name a film that made you scream? The Princess Bride. *Ahem* So, there I was, sitting on a couch full of teenagers, smushed in next to City Girl, and we're getting right into the part where the screaming eels are screaming, and the Sicilian is telling us that they only scream right before they feed. And the eel charges Princess Buttercup in all its early 80s special effect glory and Princess Buttercup screams! And at this moment -- this moment that City Girl has been waiting for -- she jams her hand into my side to the one spot on my rib cage that I am disastrously ticklish, and I shrieked! In perfect time with the movie. *shakes head* I have never screamed at another movie.

13. Where do you like to sit in a movie theater? Front and center.

14. Best movie soundtrack? Last of the Mohicans. Gorgeous. I need to find that CD it's around here somewhere ...

15. If you could look like any movie star, who would it be? Nicole Kidman.

16. If they made a movie of your life, who would play you? Julia Stiles? Or maybe Scarlett Johanson just to piss City Girl off. *seeks revenge for eel incident*

17. Have you ever walked out of a movie? Charlie's Angels 2

18. What movie do you never tire of seeing? Love Actually, Princess Bride, Sleepless in Seattle, French Kiss, While You Were Sleeping (saw it four times in one weekend)

Highly Recommended