Monday, November 12, 2007

Day Pass

I’m sitting at a Starbucks now; I’ve purchased the large size day pass to claim my table with. Which is good because I’m sitting at a big table and I plan to be here a while. Well it’s not that big of a table but it’s big enough that it’s not a spot on the floor like some of the others. However it is in an awkward space so I feel even less bad. Dude, why do I feel bad at all, remember the extra large day pass? Yeah, no hard feelings here. I’ve got my Kenyon Review tote bag also taking up space on the table, like I’m daring someone to ask me about it. Which probably won’t happen.

Outside the window a guy just walked up and swapped the numbers on the Marathon’s price sign. Dropped the price of gas from $3.19 to $3.16 by turning the 9 over and around. Seeing how easy it was to do it I wonder if he was really associated with the gas station and if anyone would see you if you swapped it and you weren’t an employee.

Highly Recommended