Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Lack of Outrage

The Cobert Report has a point: Outrage is the thing that drives Americans to the polls. And as we approach midterm elections I pause to wonder, what are we enraged about today? Is there anything new? Or is the hope merely to allow the two year old wounds from the barbs of the last national election do their work?

With nothing new to enrage us and bring the base out to the polls my guess is that those who vote this November are going to be those who would vote anyways. You know, people who actually follow politics. People who can name both their mayor and their US Representative. (Do such people really exist? Can we count them off on our fingers?) This is how the Democrats think they’ll take back the house: a lack of hype. … Well that and of course there’s the fact that the Republican honeymoon is over.

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