Monday, July 27, 2015

The Kale and the Fury

Detox shakes. Health shakes. Drink your veggies courtesy of your blender. Sounds good in theory. Sounds so damn healthy that you can't completely ignore the possibility that the effort might be worthwhile--the effort of hording said veggies, blending them, and holding your nose as you choke them down.

I'm not a big fad dieter, but I've been known to dip my toes into a fad or two, maybe even wade in knee-deep.

That "Sacred Heart Diet" was one of the longest weeks of my life and it didn't even do that much in spite of the pounds my sorority sister claimed to have lost while eating only the prescribed veggie soup.

And I'm not EVER going to gulp down a raw egg, blended or otherwise. But the concept of a fresh, good for you, homemade beverage can lure me in like the glowy antenna of some deep water predator.

I chose the least scary detox shake recipe I could find on the internet. Okay, the second least scary as the one that called for dark chocolate powder and coconut milk I couldn't finish because I didn't have any strawberries . . . or coconut milk, actually.

So here I am blending frozen blueberries and soy milk and a bit o cucumber with water and probably something else, and I'm thinking how hard can it be? It's not like I'm doing a freaking kale infusion here.

So wrong. I was so wrong.

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