Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moving to a new site

After almost eight years, Speak Coffee to Me is coming to a close. The blog has fallen on a bit of neglect and I'll be moving to a pretty new site that's more... website-ish, and less blog-focused.

For many years, I found running a blog exciting, but my interest in traditional blogging waned even as my interest in microblogging grew. The short burst of communication is now catching my eye, and while you can compare it to the shortening attention spans of our soundbite driven lives, I think that there can also be poetry in it.

And completely gratuitous discussions of cats and the Mars Rover, yes. But there are moments of wonder as well.

I microblog on Twitter @EileenWiedbrauk (personal and precarious) and also @WorldWeaver_WWP (speculative fiction reading, writing, and fandom).

I still write longer forms of course. You can catch my monthly blog column "From the Editor's Desk" as part of World Weaver Press, I'll be posting newsy bits on the new site, and I'll still make my occasional guest blogger appearances elsewhere.

And I'm working on novels. Lots and lots of novels. And possibly a serialized space adventure. But I can't say much more than that because, well, I'm moving, and those things are all still packed away, disassembled inside unmarked boxes stacked in the backroom that we'll get to. One day. Soon.

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