Monday, September 03, 2012

Updated blogging schedule

The summer doldrums have struck this blog hard. Although I've been working all summer on World Weaver Press (working and summer being concepts that rarely produce fruit for a grad student / college instructor), Speak Coffee to Me has sadly languished. Therefore I'm announcing a new blogging schedule!

On Tuesdays I will have some sort of post! Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4, 2012, will feature "Jumping the Shark." Oh yes, it will.

On weekends I will continue with Ad of the Week, as per request of the Jud -- my longest running and most faithful comment-maker. (Dear Jud, please note, you now have a title. This does not come with a knighting ceremony, but could with some fanagling.)

And intermittently, I will have RUN POSTs. Because after an almost six year hiatus, I'm a runner again. Who knew? But I'm also a reluctant runner. In short: this is bound to be humorous.

So that's the new blog schedule. Be seeing ya, folks!

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