Wednesday, August 01, 2012

One click that can actually make a difference

A good friend recently brought this to my attention. She and her family have been raising money like mad for the past month, having car washes and hosting tupperware parties, ever since they found out that her cousin's 21 month-old daughter, Sophie May, has a tumor the size of a baseball in her abdomen.

Sohpie May's story is now part of ReMax's "What Moves You?" contest. Remax has gathered the top stories and is asking the public to vote. The story with the most votes receives $10,000 -- a sum that can go a long way toward offsetting all the costs associated with having a very young, very sick child.

You can vote for Sophie May here Today (Wednesday) is the last day of voting, so please hop on over, read her story, make one click that could make a difference.

 If you'd rather listen to Sophie May's story than read it, here's the radio interview with Sophie May's grandmother (voting still takes play on the ReMax page)

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