Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Giant Furball of Doom

Took the cat back to the vet today -- we're starting to make this a tri-annual occurrence -- and let me tell you, whenever it comes time to shove the cat in the little cat carrier, the sleek little cat that can squeeze through any gap suddenly becomes Giant Furball of Doom who somehow just doesn't fit into the carrier.

So far this year we've had an infected tooth and crystals in the urine. The vet wanted us to treat both of those and use a pheromone diffuser (think Glade plug-in filled with synthetic cat spit) to rule out stress-compensation as the reason for her skin issues (licking all the fur off her stomach) and swelling issues (the pouty, collagen lip look).

Things were getting better. Then last week she starting urinating in the bathtub. Again. Bless her heart that her inappropriate peeing confines itself to an imminently washable surface complete with a drain. She's a good cat, really she is.

But now that the tooth's been taken care of and the crystals are down -- what's with the new swelling and the new whythefuckdidyoujustpeeinthetub moments?

Diagnosis: eosinophilic granuloma complex and a urinary infection.
Treatment: steriods, antibotics, and distilled water in a stainless steel dish.

The granuloma complex -- the part where she feels itchy and therefore licks her skin raw in places -- will keep coming back if I don't find out what she's allergic to and/or repeatedly treat her with steroids. I'm hoping the allergy comes from her body disliking the insanely hard water here. I dislike it too, kitty.

Where I live there is such a large amount of mineral deposits in the water that the inside of a new dishwasher turned from white to orange in under 18 months. If it does that to the inside of a dishwasher, I can only imagine what it does to the inside of a cat.

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