Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Calender Men

If you've seen the film Calendar Girls you know the basics of the plot: older women decide to produce a calendar to make money for some very nice charity project by posing naked behind strategically placed items.  It's a funny and charming film -- and if you liked it I highly recommend Kinky Boots another British comedy with similar themes and wit though less nudity and more shoes.

I bring this up because I've recently come across The Men of the Stacks a 2012 calendar of, you guessed it, male librarians.  There's ... well you should really just see it. The pictures range; obviously they weren't all shot by the same photographer, but the proceeds go to the It Gets Better Project.

Also sent to me was this series of photos of men in traditional pin up poses. There's such a brilliant combination of the traditional pin up and the average man that these are absurdly amusing.

Highly Recommended