Thursday, September 08, 2011

TIBAL: How do you sleep at night?

The "Things I've Been Asked Lately" series of posts (TIBAL) is exactly what it sounds like. People ask me questions in real life, on the blog, or on the forums I follow and I endeavor to do my best to answer them.

I was asked ...
How do you sleep at night?

Not from bad actions or decisions but rather from consuming mass amounts of coffee. Today I crashed off the coffee I rely on to get through the day. However when I got home, beat tired and strung out, I just could not get to sleep. Ugh!

My answer:

A glass of wine. Or two.

You gotta switch from uppers to downers sometime in the afternoon if you want to sleep ... or just drink a consistent amount of coffee each day, that way your body gets used to it and lets you sleep. Of course, it then lets you know the next day if you've not yet had your fix. ;)

Photo credit: raindog on flickr

Note: I am in no way a medical professional and the above is not meant as medical advice.

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