Thursday, September 29, 2011


So there's been a delay in my regular blogging schedule. Damn you, things-that-get-in-the-way! I have about four half-written posts that I will devote attention to ... sometime in the near future. Until then, here's a long overdue Link+Love.

Sometimes I feel like the book review might be more interesting to read than the book -- or at least that's how I felt about his BookSlut review of Skinny.

What to do about listing those credentials you do or don't have on your submission cover letter.  A must read for those submitting to literary magazines. (Source, Glimmer Train.)

Allison Writes (on the road) at the Wigwam Hotel! I'm so totally amused. [note: that news is a few weeks old now, but the Wigwam Hotel pictures remain cool]

Game of Thrones meteorology style.  Winter is coming and all that jazz.

This weekend I totally wore my Red Riding Hood threadless tee while working on final edits of my Red Riding Hood short story for the Red Riding Hood themed issue of Enchanted Conversation. Window for submissions opens September 27 and closes September 30 (see posting for the specifics).  Back in the spring, Enchanted Conversation published my Rumplestiltskin story -- something I wrote specifically for their call for submissions -- but the "Garbage-to-Gold Spindle" was a humorous piece, and my Red Riding Hoods are a bit dark. Definitely eerie.  I thought about it, and unless I make the girl into a pissed off, eye rolling adolescent a la Hoodwinked, I don't know how to write a piece about a girl wandering alone in the woods not be creepy. Ah well, here's hoping the charm of my t-shirt will wear off on my fiction and the magazine will like the story in spite of it's creepiness!

While we're on the subject of fun t-shirts, once again amuses me with their newest tee.  A nifty little map piece titled "What I know about the USA."

Highly Recommended