Monday, September 19, 2011

It's that time of year again ...

Avast, me hearties! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day.  No, seriously, it is.

So you better start talkin', you scallywag, or I'll have you kissing the keel at dawn!  Talk like this guy ... not that our skeletal, peg-legged friend in the picture will be doing much talking.

Tomorrow, when we're done speakin like pirates, matey, we'll have one of previously promised MFA related posts:
  • How to find a program (Tuesday)
  • Why you should pay no attention to "rankings" for any school or program (Wednesday or Thursday)
  • And then another long awaited Link+Love post ... so leave me comments if you think there's a post/article/something that should be included/promoted in my next link+love

Photo credit (for above): Svadilfari on flickr.

Also from flickr, kristen_a (Meringue Bake Shop)'s adorable pirate cake:

Highly Recommended