Monday, April 11, 2011

The strange I

I wasn't sure what to write for my "I" post for the A to Z challenge. Somehow I ended up at this site with a list of strange and unusual words beginning with "I."  And I was struck by far too many of them.  Here are some of the highlights.

ibidem: Latin. Meaning "in the same place."  This one caught my eye because I have no idea how many times I've used ibid. in end notes without knowing what the damn word meant or why we use it.

ichthyomancy: divination by inspecting fish entrails. so much more reliable than

ignivomous: vomiting or spewing forth fire.  So now you'll know what to tell the doctor next time it happens.

illeist: one who refers to oneself in the third person.  Synonymous with asshole.

idioglossia: private language developed between children which I think includes twin-speak.  I want to have my own idioglossia.  I tried to make up a language when I was a child.  Does it count if you're the only one who uses it?

ideophone: word that is spoken but not written.  This one got me thinking about the potential of such a concept as the central conceit of a piece of fiction.  The word which cannot be written.  Why can't it, or why shouldn't it?  What would happen if it was written down?  Or is it just too perfect and pure and conceptual to be confined to mere letters and phonemes?

Highly Recommended