Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not Moving, but moving on

Okay. Not moving to New York. Next item of business/thing to be morose over?

I really wanted to read Elizabeth Bear's novel Hammered, except the copy I got from the library was a bit smelly. That's okay, I could deal with that. Except that whenever I held the book close enough to my face to read it, I got stuffed up and sneezy. Sadness. So back to the pound it went.

Monday was the first day of spring semester here. I'm teaching at eight AM. (!)  Oddly enough, staying up all night then having a two hour nap from 4-6 AM puts me in tip top shape to chat away for a couple hours starting at 8 AM. No sleepy cobwebs to bat away! Of course, I wanted to sleep standing up by 11 AM and by 12:30 PM I had crashed on the couch having fallen asleep without my head on a pillow and waking up when it connected with the wooden arm of the couch.

I'm no longer waxing quixotic about resolutions and changes and plans for the new year (though I didn't post much of my quixotic notions on the blog, know that I entertained them just like everyone else does). The mountain of tasks I should have done before semester have become the tasks that I must do now. Guess it's time to move on and stop thinking about the what-if of internships and just think of the get-it-done make-it-work stuff.

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