Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Minute-ness

This weekend I found myself a little put out by the advertisements running for "last minute Christmas deals." It was the 10th of December when I saw the first of them.

I guess it is the end of the season if you've been stocking and advertising Christmas since October 31. But to me it's less than half-way through the season. I haven't started my Christmas shopping. I was just excited to get a wreath up on the walls and some decorations and lights out.

This is last minute finals season. Last minute project finishing. Not last minute shopping. Anything before the 20th is reasonably well planned shopping in my mind. I might even brave the mall.

Actually, I would have braved the mall on Sunday except that the Midwest blizzard that's been on the news finally hit Michigan. And considering what the lake effect normally does to us and snow storms, it hasn't been too bad. Sunday morning I woke to 1" not the predicted 3" and Sunday saw steady but slim precipitation.

One more meeting with a student, one more assignment to turn in, and three class periods then I'm done for the semester!

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