Monday, November 22, 2010

Um ... cat?

Hey cat.  Whatcha doin up there?

Ash has of late taken to sitting on top my desk chair's head rest.  Yep.  Above my head, while balancing on a 14" long by 2" wide chunk of plastic and cushion covered with blue canvas.  And she's not one of those skinny, spry little jumping cats that only weigh ten pounds.  No, Ash is a built-for-comfort cat who weighs a bit over 13 pounds.  The only way she can stay up there is by sinking her back claws into the side of the cushion and hanging on.  

The chair is none the worse for wear -- another reason to recommend IKEA and it's nearly indestructible fabrics -- but I have bled on several occasions.  She was getting better with the dismount (sigh) but then she saw a squirrel out the window and nothing mattered but speed.  

I'm really glad right about now that I didn't pay the extra fifty-bucks to get this desk chair in leather.

Highly Recommended