Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love boots, really I do

It's come down to it: the past week has been shitty for me, and there was barely any break between the crazy slog through hell and the beginning of the shitty-annoying-two-faced week, so: I bought some boots.

Retail therapy is not a myth.

Lately I've gone into the store knowing exactly what shoe I'm looking for.  Which, of course, they never have because the shoe in my mind is way to specific.  So I let myself be swayed by necessity and cuteness and walk out with something a little like this:

They're adorable.  Kind of like a sexy pirate.  The heel is just low enough that I can wear it for several hours without wanting to saw it off.  And look! versatile: the top can be folded down for more of a mid calf look or pulled up for a knee high look.

Knowing that no matter how cute these black boots might be with their low slung buckles, I couldn't walk in them all day all winter.  I went in to buy a second pair of boots.  These I knew had to be flat soled, but the good news is that flat sole is in, so I figured there'd be no problem.  Well, there's be no problem if I was willing to buy another super high (higher) pair of boots.  Something vaguely riding-ish and more expensive than the first pair.

I did not think so.

After wandering around and starting to feel dispirited, I decided to try on the gray boots below simply because I couldn't possibly know who stupid a trend looked on me until I tried it.  And I took them home.

I hate Ug boots. I have for years. I think they're ugly and do no one any favors, but hey, if you know that and you're comfortable with it then roll with it. However this season, the idea of the ug boot -- fleecey lining, flat sole, comfortable boot -- has finally gotten a style makeover. These gray shoes are actually cute ... and fuzzy like a bunny inside.

So now I feel better.  Or at least my feet do.

Highly Recommended